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by Mary Nyiri

Director:  Phillippe Fernandez - France

Gliding through outer space seven astronauts wake up from frozen sleep not  knowing where they came from or where they are going. As they meet each other  in the space ship, they realize they all have a purpose, beginning with the  communications officer/journalist who broadcasts messages about what they  encounter in the hopes of contacting other beings in the universe. A handyman  directs everyone to the lounge where food and drinks are served. There is also  a director, an astronomer, a biologist, a semiologist, and psychologist. They  convene in a board room and the lounge to talk about their predicament, often  leading to rather metaphysical discussions. A sociable chimpanzee and friendly  dog are along for the mysterious voyage.

The space ship is awash in vibrant color with  minimalist trimmings. A long bench, bar and circular window to the stars makes  up the dance floor in the lounge. The crew uniforms are out of the seventies in  Star Trek style. Where is the storyline of this film going? If you take the  voyage, you will be left to mull your own conclusions.