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Songs My Brother Taught Me
by Mary Nyiri

Directed by: Chloé Zhao

This drama about Native Americans living on the Pine Ridge Reservation in  South Dakota represents daily life for many Indians living on reservations  around the United States. Alcoholism, joblessness, drugs, and crime are  depicted, but this film also provides a different perspective from a young man.  Johnny (who happens to have over 20 siblings) has a good heart and his adoring  (and adorable) little sister, Jashaun, has the kind of hope and determination  that just may help change their world for the better.

Zhao spent four years making this film on the  Pine Ridge Reservation, where the actors Reddy, St. John, Hill and Clifford  were raised. Spectacular cinematography, particularly of the Badlands and  native dance scenes, and varied life stories of some of the Reservation  residents combine for an interesting and enjoyable film.