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Berlinale 2017 Films Seen by Currents Staff with a Star Rating
by Becky Tan


  Django (SRS ****) (RF ***)

  El Bar  (MNW**) (RF **1/2)

  Have a nice Day (Hao ji le) (BT ****)

  Joaquim  (MNW*for that 30 seconds) (BT **)

  Logan (BT  ***)

  On Body and Soul (SRS *****) (RF ****1/2)

  Pokot (RF***1/2)

  Return to  Montauk (MNW*) (BT*)

  T2 Trainspotting (RF***)

  The Dinner (SRS *) (RF bomb)

  The Other Side of Hope (SRS *****) (RF **1/2)

  The Party (RF *****) (BT*****)

  Viceroy’s House (RF**) (BT****)

  Wilde Maus (RF Bomb)

Berlinale  Special

  Es  war einmal in Deutschland (RF***)

  In Times of Fading Light (RF*)

  Maudie (MNW  ****)

  The Lost City of Z (SRS*** ) (RF **1/2) (BT***)

  The Queen of  Spain (RF **)

  Der Junge Karl Marx (RF***) (SRS***)  (BT ***)


  1945  (RF**)

  Ciao Ciao (RF***)

  Discreet (SRS *****)

  Honeygiver Among Dogs (RF ****) (BT ***)

Panorama Documentary

  Adriana’s Pact (RF**1/2)

  Bones of Contention (RF***)

  Casting JonBenet   (RF**)

  Chavela (SRS*****) (BT ***)

  Ghost Hunting (RF*)

  I Am Not Your Negro (RF*****)

  Politics, instructions manual (RF***)

  Strong Island (BT **)

Panorama Special

  Berlin  Syndrome (MNW**) (RF**1/2)

  Close-Knit   (RF*****)

  Hostages (RF**)

  Kaygi (SRS***)

  The King’s Choice (Kongens Nei) (BT ****)

  Requiem for Mrs. J (RF**) (BT ***)

  Tiger  Girl (BT ****)

  Vazante  (SRS *****) (BT*****)


  2+2=22 (BT****)

  Autumn, Autumn (BT**)

  Cuatreros (BT**)

  For Ahkeem (SRS ****)

  Dayveon (cross section) (SRS****)

  House in the Fields (SRS**)

  Strange  Birds (Droles d*Oiseaux) (MNW no stars) (BT*)

  Werewolf (SRS*****)

  Barrage (SRS ***1/2)

Forum special screenings

  Obaltan (SRS *****)


  Becoming Who I Was (RF ****)

  Dayveon (cross section) (SRS ****)

  Freak Show (BT*****)

  Little Harbor (RF***)

  Red Dog, True Blue (SRS***)

Perspective  German Cinema

  Selbstkritik  eines bürgerlichen Hundes (BT ****)


  Algol. Tragedy of Power (RF)

  Eolomea (RF)

  Himmelskibet (RF)

  Le Tunnel (RF)

Culinary  Films

  André: The  Voice of Wine (MNW )

  At the Fork;  Boone (MNW  )

  Chef's  Table-Tim Raue; Chef's Table-Jeong Kwan (MNW )

  Hand, Line,  Cod (short) (MNW  )

  Atlantic  (MNW  )

  Look &  See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry (MNW  )  (RF ****)

  Monsieur  Mayonnaise (RF *)

  Theatre of  Life (MNW)


  24Snega (RF***)

  Angry Inuk (SRS *****) (RF*****)

  Bihttos (Rebel) RF ***)

  Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest (RF **)

  Samiblod (SRS ****)

  Sume The Sound of a Revolution (Sume Mumisitsinerup  Nipaa) (BT****)

  Tungijug (SRS *****)