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Pat Nevers

Pat was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin 71 years ago and had her first introduction to cinema at the PTA movies on Saturday afternoons, which featured RinTinTin and Fury, all very nicely censored. Since escaping home at the tender age of 20 and fleeing to Germany, her tastes in films have changed considerably. Now she really likes docu-fiction; ie., fictional movies about real people like painters or historical figures. That’s why she tends to seek out obscure films. She loves sitting in an almost empty movie theater in Hamburg and becoming one with a character in a movie. It’s liberating! But she also loves writing reviews about them, even though hers may be a bit too long and personal for KinoCritics. But once in a great while she makes it. This experience has encouraged her to try her hand at writing docu-fiction herself.

Films Reviewed by Pat Nevers