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Verlobung auf Umwegen (Leap Year)
U.S.A./Ireland 2010

Opening 9 Sep 2010

Directed by: Anand Tucker
Writing credits: Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont
Principal actors: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, John Lithgow, Noel O'Donovan

Trendy Anna Brady (Amy Adams) is deliberate and efficient in everything she does: a Home Stager, when she decorates an empty apartment realtors know it will sell, and her long-time cardiologist boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) is happy to let her take care of the mundane aspects of his life so he can concentrate on his career. Before leaving for a conference in Dublin, Ireland, he takes her to a fancy restaurant, and instead of giving her the engagement ring (she is dying to get), he gives her diamond earrings. Anna hides her disappointment; later her dad, Jack (John Lithgow) tries to boost her spirits and tells her of an Irish tradition whereby in a leap year, on the 29th of February the woman is allowed to propose to the man.

Quicker than you can say Jack Robinson, Anna has her bags packed and is on her way to Dublin. And now the fun starts. A horrendous thunderstorm forces the plane to land in Cardiff, Wales; undaunted, Anna prevails until she finally sets foot on Irish soil, albeit in the small town of Dingle rather than Cork. She makes her way to the (only) local pub, and unknowingly regales the wizened regulars while having a discourse with the contentious bartender-taxi driver-inn keeper. Declan (Matthew Goode), Anna’s complete opposite from temperament to clothes, finally agrees to drive her to Dublin the next day.

As the group of old-timers watch them pull away, one flatly states, “they’ll kill each other.” They manage to get into many hilarious antics on their way to Dublin. Forced to spend time together, they learn about and begin to appreciate one another. Looking out from the tower of a castle ruins, Declan asks Anna, “If your apartment were on fire and you had sixty seconds, what would you take?” Subsequently, Anna tests that query when back in New York City.

One would have to be jaded not to enjoy Leap Year, and it is nice to have a good belly laugh for a change. Written by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont, director Anand Tucker cleverly uses a large Irish cast and Ireland, which by its nature becomes a “character,” in this predictable and silly, sassy and smart comedy. Director of photography Newton Thomas Sigel captures both the characters’ quirks, and the undulating beauty of Ireland, while Nick Moore’s editing pace and Randy Edelman’s original music has just the right balance to ensure that Leap Year keeps us laughing. (Marinell Haegelin)

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