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New Police Story (San ging chaat goo si)
Hong Kong 2004

Opening 13 Oct 2005

Directed by: Benny Chan
Writing credits: Alan Yuen
Principal actors: Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi, Daniel Wu

Inspector Wing (Jackie Chan) is the most decorated and famous member of the Hong Kong police force: a living legend. Unfortunately, his success makes him the central player in a very lethal game of "kill the cops" choreographed by a gang of bloodthirsty masked murderers who receive rewards based on how many they kill. After losing his special forces team in a gruesome contest, Wing loses his self respect and becomes a drunkard, refusing even to see his fiancée. While drunk on the streets, Wing is accosted by a couple of street thugs but is helped by Frank (Nicholas Tse), who later claims to be Wing's new partner assigned to work with him to bring the Gen-X game gang to justice.

Jackie Chan is back in Hong Kong after a taste of Hollywood and it is obvious that he is enjoying the freedom that comes with directing and acting in his own film. He again performs his own extraordinary stunts, for which he deserves his own star. Although the plot is predictable and much of the acting is overdone, the creativity of many of the action sequences more than makes up for the shortcomings, particularly if you are an action film fan. Action that even the toughest extreme sport fans will find sensational! (Mary Nyiri)

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