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Mary Nyiri

While Mary was practicing as a trial lawyer, the best day of the week was Friday. Not because she didn’t have to work over the weekend, but because Friday night was always Movie Night. Having already read the Washington Post or New York Times reviews, tough days would be forgotten in those few hours during which Mary could lose herself in someone else’s dreams – or nightmares. How envious she was of all those film critics! And since 1997 Mary has been delighted to be the envy of former colleagues. She began writing reviews for Currents but then became a bit bolder and participated in interviews with celebrities like Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Samuel Jackson, Jeff Goldblum and Hugh Grant. Speaking with legends like Meryl Streep, George Michael, Heath Ledger, and Jackie Chan gets the adrenalin pumping like in a jury trial!

For over two decades Mary has been covering Filmfest Hamburg, screening as many as six films a day. The informality of the festival makes it easy to meet and speak with directors, actors and producers. She has even acted as a moderator and film extra. Reviews and articles are also published in Hamburg Guide and other media outlets. Since 2001 Mary has regularly attended one of the best film festivals in Europe – the Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin. What a challenge! There are hundreds of films and lots of press conferences with not much time. Taking the microphone to question stars like Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Sean Connery and Kirk Douglas with dozens of cameras turned on Mary for a change was and is quite a thrill. Screening films about food and sampling great cuisine have been of particular interest and excitement. Along with the Berlinale, Mary has also attended the Festival de Cannes with the honor of walking the red carpet along with Michael Moore for his film Fahrenheit 9/11.

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