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Die letzte Sau
Germany 2016

Opening 29 Sep 2016

Directed by: Aron Lehmann
Writing credits: Stephan Irmscher, Aron Lehman
Principal actors: Roaslie Thomass, Christoph Maria Herbst, Golo Euler

Pig farmer Huber (Euler) is finding life a little tougher than usual. His girlfriend, Birgit (Thomass) leaves him, he is facing certain bankruptcy, as he can no longer compete with the global corporations and his good friend, the butcher, commits suicide unable to cope with similar financial issues. Bad enough but just when he thinks he is at his lowest point a meteorite crashes on to his farm - destroying absolutely everything.  Well, almost everything, there is one pig left standing. This sow has always been the rebel who never wanted to go into the barn and it seems on this occasion its determination saved its life.

Spurred on by his last sow, Huber embarks on a road trip taking all he has left, his motorcycle with his sow, sitting in the sidecar. The journey takes him across country where he meets people who are also tired of the big industry and capitalism in our consumerist society thus starting a revolution of sorts.

A satirical comedy with the rebellious message that we can’t go on this way. Perfect entertainment if you like a little rebellion, are anti-capitalism, like rooting for the underdog or a laugh. (Christine Riney)

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