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Mit dem Herz durch die Wand (Un peu beaucoup aveuglément)
France 2015

Opening 29 Sep 2016

Directed by: Clovis Cornillac
Writing credits: Clovis Cornillac, Lilou Fogli
Principal actors: Clovis Cornillac, Mélanie Bernier, Lilou Fogli, Philippe Duquesne

Mélanie Bernier plays a serious young pianist who wants to escape her tyrannical music teacher by finally moving to her own apartment - piano and all.  She needs to rehearse for her tryout at the conservatory.  But as soon as she is settled, she realizes that there is something dreadfully wrong.  The apartment is so badly constructed that one can hear EVERY sound through the walls of the next door apartment.  Her neighbor (Cornillac) is a scientist who creates inventions and needs total silence for his work. He is also a hermit whose best friend (Duquesne) does grocery shopping and errands for him.

After fighting out their frustrations by being extra noisy and then by talking through the wall, the two neighbors try to coexist in this "architectural arrangement" by planning a schedule where Machine (Madame so and so) can practice and Machin (Monsieur so and so) can work in silence. As their intolerance towards each other lessens the relationship deepens to intimate conversations - still just through the wall without ever meeting in person or knowing each other's names! He even helps her with corrective criticism of her playing. They have much in common as both have people who want them to change - his friend Philippe Duequesne and her sister Lilou Fogli.

The romantic comedy is very original and enjoyable and, naturally, has a happy end. (Thelma Freedman)

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