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Urmel aus dem Eis
Germany 2006

Opening 3 Aug 2006

Directed by: Holger Tappe
Writing credits: Oliver Huzly, Reinhard Klooss
Principal actors: Wigald Bonig, Christoph Maria Herbst, Wolfgang Völz, Anke Engelke

Max Kruse created his unforgettable character Urmel in 1995 through his many children’s books. This particular story has been moved from books, to CD’s, to DVD’s, a play in the Augsburger Puppenkiste, and now has finally made it to the big screen. Reinhard Klooss helps bring this charming story to audiences and many German stars lend their voices to bring the magical characters to life. Professor Habakuk Tibatong (voice of Wigald Bonig) makes his home on a volcanic island with his adopted son Tim Tintenklecks and helps teach all the island animals the proper way to speak. This delightful group includes Ping the penguin, Wawa the lizard, Schusch the bird, and the ever pessimistic Seelefant the sea elephant (voice of Wolfgang Völz) as well as the cleaning pig Wutz (voice of Anke Engelke).

One day the typical routine of the island is interrupted when Wawa and Ping find a glacier floating onto the island, with something frozen inside of it. When the professor comes to the shore, he notices an egg and the group plot together to hatch the egg once they carefully break it free of the ice. After several nights of taking turns keeping the egg warm, the creature inside finally breaks his way out. The group stands amazed at the unusual creature that sits before them. The professor is excited as he explains that this is a prehistoric creature, an Urmel, that was rumored to have lived but no evidence had ever been found of its existence. The professor had been studying the creature for quite some time and was therefore often ridiculed by the academic world. Urmel takes to Wutz as his mother and the professor cannot help but send a message to an arch rival academic of his to let him know that at long last proof of the Urmel has been found. The nemesis, Doctor Zwengelmann (voice of Christoph Maria Herbst) immediately runs to his benefactor King Pumponell, an avid hunter of exotic animals. Excited at the prospect of a unique trophy, the king agrees to go in search of the Urmel to it bring back, dead or alive, for both to see. The members of the island have to race the clock to hide Urmel before it’s too late. Though some of the scenes may be a bit scary for smaller children, this story is bound to captivate all ages, both young and old. (Kara Wahn)

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