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Climate Warriors
Germany/Belgium/U.S.A. 2018

Opening 6 Dec 2018

Directed by: Carl-A. Fechner, Nicolai Niemann
Writing credits:
Principal actors: Nigel Barber

This documentary starts provocatively with Arnold Schwarzenegger bicycling, followed by clips from speeches he has made championing the fight against the causes and impacts of climate change. His star status is contrasted with the powerful messages of a young boy only six, a nine-year-old, a teenager and others who are taking actions within their own neighborhoods. Traveling between the USA and Germany, director Carl-A. Fechner, who also appears in the film, spotlights ordinary people who are making a difference in their communities. As one activist says, “Don’t just sit there, do something!” This “can do” attitude highlighted throughout the film is starkly rebutted by numerous comments from Donald Trump denying the need for any action at all. Despite President Trump’s lack of leadership, many state governments, like Pennsylvania which passed the first state clean-air act in American history, are indeed moving forward towards renewable energy. A major challenge is how to transition workers from coal and oil into the developing industries of solar, wind and other energy sources.

The shifting from person to place to action in the film can be a bit overwhelming, perhaps since tackling climate change issues in two continents from a grass roots perspective is in and of itself, quite the challenge. (Mary Nyiri)

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