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Eine unbequeme Wahrheit (An Inconvenient Truth)
U.S.A. 2006

Opening 12 Oct 2006

Directed by: Davis Guggenheim
Writing credits:
Principal actors: Al Gore

For all of those who find reaching outside your comfort zone an effort not worth striving for, please see this film. If you ever had something so blatantly obvious staring at you and missed its importance, please see this film. If you ever were frustrated that you, as one individual, could not make a difference in bringing about change, please see this movie. If you ever cared about your stay on this planet and your mark in the human experience, please see this film. If you ever wanted to know the truth, but were afraid that would require commitment, please see this film. If you ever wanted to get beyond self and start living for balance, then please see this film. If you ever wondered about what is really important to you, in terms of morals, values, and our place in the universe, then you must see this film.

Al Gore has spent most of his adult life trying to send the human race a message that we are heading for environmental, catastrophic crisis via global warming, and, in fact, are in the midst of it. By bringing his agenda to film, perhaps he will finally find a receptive, global audience that was eluding him from a political standpoint. A 2-hour, simplified summation of many books, lectures, articles, and research that Gore has devoted his life to show-casing, the material is presented in such a clear and direct way that nobody can deny its impact; even the most scientifically-challenged will walk away empowered by these inconvenient truths... and you will be definitely moved in some way. (Kirstan Böttger)

Second Opinion

If you voted for George W. Bush, especially twice, chances are that you are not interested in a documentary film featuring Al Gore, who won the popular vote of the American people in 2000. To further put you off, consider that the film follows Mr. Gore as he travels around the U.S. to explain global warming and how people contribute to it. He uses scientific studies which include lots of graphs and sketches. Most revealing, however, are simple photographs. Photographs, for example, that compare glaciers and ice packs that were unchanged for thousands of years but have now almost disappeared in just the last 30 years. These pictures are worth far more than a thousand words or the words of Mr. Gore himself. Take a dare to forget politics and see this film just to study the science. The facts should scare you into action to stop contributing to the death of our planet as we know it. 

Mr. Gore speaks warmly of his family and family values. He jokes about himself. He speaks very plainly and simply. You may find these characteristics usually attributed to President Bush a bit surprising in his former presidential opponent. Admittedly, there are too many close-ups of Mr. Gore in deep thought at his Apple laptop. But if you look beyond the man to his message, you may hear something that will change your life and even perhaps make a big difference on this very small Earth, if not for yourself, then for generations to follow. I dare you to take a look. (Mary Nyiri)

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