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Shiver - Die Kunst der Taiko Trommel (Shiver)
Japan 2021

Opening 23 Jun 2022

Directed by: Toshiaki Toyoda
Writing credits:

On the Japanese island of Sado, the Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble Kodo, composer Koshiro Hino and a film crew spend a month performing with various kinds of drums and other instruments while in sync with their natural surroundings. A variety of film and sound techniques are used to create a visual experience enhanced by the sounds of instruments and nature. This documentary opens with the sun breaking through clouds as the ocean waves crash on the shore to the rhythm of a large drum—in essence a living painting. Small triangular wooden blocks are struck as if in musical meditation. Drumsticks on metal pots are played to sweeping views of an ancient wall mural. Drums are joined by the siren songs of two vocalists in mournful harmony. The beauty of the island is explored through the sounds of the group leading up to a frenetic mix of dance, ocean, light, sculpture and a crescendo of organ and drums pounding with the surf. There may be much symbolism here that was lost on me, but you can find a certain peace in the vibes of this holistic experience. (Mary Nyiri)

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