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Opus - Ryuichi Sakamoto (Ryuichi Sakamoto: Opus)
Japan 2023

Opening 28 Mar 2024

Directed by: Neo Sora
Writing credits:
Principal actors: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto was a famous Japanese composer, pop star, and actor. He won the Best Music, Original Score Oscar in 1988 for The Last Emperor, along with countless other awards. Unfortunately, Sakamoto had to retire from live performances due to his battle with cancer. Despite his frail health, in 2022 he decided to take to the stage to record a musical review of his career. This black and white film, directed by his son Neo Sora, captures Sakamoto up close and personal. Sakamoto performs at the NHK Broadcast Center’s 509 Studio, playing only a few songs at a time until the twenty pieces are recorded. Somber, playful, beautiful, and passionate, once Sakamoto was finished, he declared, “…I feel relieved that I was able to record before my death—a performance that I was satisfied with.” And indeed, his audience will be quite satisfied as well. (Mary Nyiri)

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