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Mr. Bean macht Ferien (Mr. Bean's Holiday)
U.K. 2007

Opening 29 Mar 2007

Directed by: Steve Bendelack
Writing credits:
Principal actors: Rowan Atkinson, Max Baldry, Steve Campos, Emma de Caunes, Willem Dafoe

Madcap, physical, hanging on a gag until it hurts, Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) has this time embarked on a journey to the French Riviera, won as a prize in a church bazaar. Armed with his new handy-cam and plaid suitcase, you can guess how he will lose his travel documents, miss his train and end up being scoffed at by gawkers abound. His travels complicate as he finds himself trying to unite a father and son separated at the Gare de Lyon en route to Cannes. Turns out the boy’s father is a distinguished Russian director on the film festival jury and believes Mr. Bean has kidnapped his son. Responsibility isn’t a Bean-like trait, but there is a sense of companionship between the boy (Max Baldry) and Mr. Bean as they take the very round-about route to Cannes, all recorded diligently on the video camera. A third plot begins to brew when Mr. Bean encounters an arty director (Willem Dafoe) and budding actress (Emma de Caunes) on the set of a yogurt commercial in the French countryside, setting the stage for a road trip in a yellow Mini to the big finale at a Cannes film premiere.

The delight of Mr. Bean’s Holiday is that he cleverly works his silly behavior through decent but simple plots, relying on few spoken words, physical humor and extreme expressions to deliver the laughs. The antics of Mr. Bean seem to have a special appeal to German audiences, much along the same lines as the annual airing of Dinner for One on Silvester…typically British (bungling) humor. You either like it or you don’t.

While language gaffs and spoofing of French culture may keep the adults amused, take note that there are a lot of subtitles to read, therefore much of the funny bits are lost on non-readers if you plan on taking the children along. Three stars for an all-around healthy movie whose only motive is to make you laugh at and with Mr. Bean. Gracias! (Kirstan Böttger)

Second Opinion

Mr. Bean war sehr witzig im Film (mit seiner Vidiokamer). Er war manchmal nötzlich. Manchmal sehr frech. Und spielt mit seiner Vidiokammer. Ich glaube Mr.Bean hatte sich es verdinnt das er Ferien hat und er zur Strand fährt. Das finde ich gut das Mr.Bean ein bissen sprechen kann. DAZU VERDE ICH DIESEN FILM 5 STERNE GEBEN!!! (Jack B, 11)

(Translation: Mr. Bean was very funny in the film – with his video camera. Sometimes he was helpful, sometimes very impudent. I think that Mr. Bean earned his vacation and the right to go to the beach. I think it’s good that Mr. Bean can talk a bit. I will give this film five stars.) Jack Böttger, Age 11 (Karen Pecota)

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