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Son of Rambow
France/U.K./Germany 2007

Opening 21 Aug 2008

Directed by: Garth Jennings
Writing credits: Garth Jennings
Principal actors: Neil Dudgeon, Bill Milner, Jessica Hynes, Anna Wing, Will Poulter

Filmmaker Garth Jennings directs and writes a script with delightful humor and creatively uses the home-movie style visual imagery to illustrate the importance of true friendship.

School mates Will (Bill Miner) and Lee (Will Poulter), the school bully, became acquainted while sitting on the detention bench waiting to meet with the principal. Will’s father had died unexpectedly and Will was dealing with some emotional trauma over the sudden death. He had kept one comforting possession of his father: his very simple wrist watch. Will loved to look at it because of the good memories and sometimes he would slip it into his pocket for safe keeping. Lee was also an abandoned child, longing for connection; his life was tied to his disrespectful brother whom he was forever trying to please hoping for love in return. While the boys were on the detention bench, Lee observed Will taking the watch in and out of his pocket. Lee soon had it in his possession; a bribe for Lee in payment for Will’s freedom on their detention day. Lee saw in Will the perfect stuntman (alias, guinea pig) for his homemade movie he was shooting about his hero, Rambo (Sylvester Stallone). His goal was to enter it in an upcoming film contest. Will had led a very sheltered life as a member of the Brethren religion and knew nothing about film or Rambo, nor did he understand why Lee wanted his dad’s watch but that was the least of his worries. The inofficial pardon from detention was Will’s open door to a different world, as well as a new lease on his young life as Lee’s assistant in the film industry. And for Lee the escape of the reprimand was the start of his journey in trusting others. Their exceptional friendship fueled by strong individual character in creative thinking allowed Will and Lee entrance into a hilarious childhood quest. However, their experience did not make light of the personal loneliness each faced or the dilemma their friendship caused. (Karen Pecota)

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