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U.S.A. 2011

Opening 31 May 2012

Directed by: Cindy Meehl
Writing credits:

Buck Brennaman, a renowned cowboy and master horse gentler, is on the road several weeks a year, throughout the U.S. and abroad, leading horse clinics. His training clinics are sometimes more for the rider than actually training the horse. He is committed to helping the rider understand as much about this horse as possible. He follows techniques from his own teachers, Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, because, as he recognizes, those gentlemen were remarkable teachers. And, while he shares their very practical methods, he gently communicates his personal life’s lessons that are unforgettable.

The depth of teaching takes you by surprise, even for those sitting in the theater watching. Buck is transparent. He uses this gift to relay one of his strongest messages to the horseman. “If it’s not working, change it!” The story of Buck is fresh, funny and entertaining; but oh, so moving. It’s a magnificent story of reaching out to do the impossible, hanging on for the ride of one’s life and never letting go in order to take that long-awaited journey into the sunset on horseback! (Karen Pecota)

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