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Osanna Vaughn

Osanna Vaughn has been fascinated by film ever since her first cinema experience when she was about six. The film was Summer Holiday starring Cliff Richards and The Shadows! The enchantment she discovered then still enthrals her today: the magic on the screen as much as the magic behind the scenes.

Born on Jersey Channel Islands and spending her teenage years in Spain, she was educated in English, Spanish and French. In 1984 she moved to Hamburg with her musician husband and their two children; two more were born in the Hansestadt. She has been part of Hamburg’s English-speaking film review team since 1999 and is delighted with the professional acceptance they receive through their work for Currents and The Hamburg Guide. Osanna is also a hobby photographer, taking every opportunity to attend photo shoots when the stars come to Hamburg or Berlin.

Apart from her review writing, Osanna translates and edits various magazines (Leica Fotografie International, Designers Digest), writes song lyrics and has recently finished a fantasy novel (translated from English into German) to be published in the autumn of 2005 by ARENA Verlag.

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